About Kopes Trading

My name is Jeroen Bos, and I am the owner and founder of Kopes Trading.

My fondness for authentic, high-quality home furnishings began in the Netherlands in 1994. Alongside my partner, Janet Hofstra, we organized the shipment of a large container filled with sturdy European furniture overseas to be sold in Canada. This venture evoked an ambition that would develop for the next years.
When Janet, our 3 kids, and I immigrated to Canada in 2009, a whole new world of possibilities awaited us. In 2019, we opened our brick-and-mortar shop Kind Decor in Point Edward, Ontario. Kind Decor places an emphasis on introducing unique, European products to southern Ontario. Of these products, the Brynxz Collection – known for its distinctive, timeless style – gained notable recognition in its new environment.

In 2020, I established Kopes Trading: a forward-thinking, rapidly growing wholesale company based in Point Edward. At Kopes, I was able to recreate this intersection of Dutch design and Canadian distribution I caught a glimpse of almost 30 years earlier. Kopes is now the official importer of Brynxz Collection in Canada.

Our Mission

At Kopes Trading, we pragmatically collaborate with industry leaders abroad to provide timeless and unique European collections and establish sincere relationships with Canadian retailers.

Our Vision

We aim to expand our presence across Canada and North America, offering timeless décor from East to West Coast.

We Value

Pragmatic Endeavours
Authentic and Timeless Products
Kind and Respectful Conduct

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